Utilizing a wall mount to display your TV set is a decorating practice seen in most homes today. Not only does it look nice, but it supplies you with more room in your household. It negates the need for a TV stand or an entertainment center which usually would take up a big chunk of your living room space. But when you don’t know the first thing about TV’s, let alone wall mounts, it can be daunting determining which type to purchase. Even if you know a thing or two about these fixtures, with all the various styles and features to choose from, it can take some time to narrow down your options. Hi Tech Best is a TV installation and appliances store located in Miami, Florida. Here are your three staple TV mounts to choose from:

Basic Wall Mounts

These are going to be your cheapest and easiest mount to install. Just like hanging a heavy duty picture frame, all it takes is some drywall anchors and some bolts. These should come included with your tv mount kit.  They are easy to install, however, once they are mounted on your wall there is no turning back. Make sure you have your TV mount exactly where you want it to be. Try sitting at various different angles to make sure there isn’t a glare and you’ll want to make sure the TV isn’t sitting too high or too low. A disadvantage for these mount types is that they don’t move. At all. So if you need to change out cables, you will need to take down the entire set in order to rearrange the wires.

The Tilting Wall Mount

These are your middle tier tv mounts. They are just as easy to install as your basic mounts, but these of mobility options. These come equipped with the ability to adjust the vertical angle when using a tilting wall mount. This is great if you happen to have a glare in section of the room or if you noticed you placed it at the wrong angle after installation. This mount has a seesaw-like pivot in its center that allows for this motion. Because of its slight flexibility, changing out cables is a little easier to manage that basic wall mounts.

Full-Motion TV Mounts

If you want a full range of motion for your TV set, then you will want the full-motion tv mount for your television. These are the most expensive of the bunch and can be difficult to install. You can do it yourself, but this device takes at least three people to install because of all of its moving parts, so you’ll have to phone in a few friends. That’s why we suggest contacting a service for tv installation in Miami. These mounts differ from the tilting tv mount because they are, obviously, full motion. This means that they can tilt downward or upward, and you can move it horizontally with the option to pull your flat panel away from the wall and push it back in.

If you need to install a tv wall mount, contact Hi Tech Best about tv installation in Miami.