What HD TVI Camera is the best choice when it comes to your home? Maybe you have no idea what a TVI security camera is in the first place. Don’t worry. The professionals at Hi Tech Best, are here to provide you with all the information you need and make the best choice that will benefit your home the most. We are one of the best security cameras installation company.  


It Is Not a Bad Idea

Believe it or not, your home needs a camera. Just think about it, what harm does it hold? After many people well received the idea of security cameras, a lot of homeowners installed these devices. These tiny digital watchmen became a necessary component to enhance home security. However, initially, people struggled with the video, which was anything but blurry. Not only this, many crimes were left unsolved because the object in the footage could not be identified. However, with time, technology changed the facade of security cameras.


With ‘cutting-edge’ invention of High definition Transport Video Interface HD-TVI camera, people were able to revolutionize their surveillance game. Ask our security cameras installation company.


What Exactly is a TVI Camera?

HD-TVI is defined merely as an HD Video transmission interface that provides top of the line surveillance. It has a resolution of 1080P/720P, which ensures image clarity. You can also experience real-time imaging at 60 fps at 720P, whereas 30 fps will be available at 1080P.

Some of the best features of HD-TVI camera are given below:

  • The coaxial cables can be extended to at least 500m. The best part is that it does not require highly functional coax cables. In case, you possess cheap ones, you can expect it to work just fine.  You will be able to hear clear audio signals through this cable.
  • Additionally, you can transmit RS485 data over the coaxial cable and tilt or zoom the video as you like.
  • You also have the facility of running video transmissions even with twisted wire.
  • Till now, there has not been one incident regarding transmission delay.
  • You will never face any IP configuration issues because this digital signal does not utilize internet protocol.
  • The video does not get compressed, therefore, you will see every footage in real time.
  • It does have the necessary requirement of long network bandwidth, as it can work just fine without it.

Note: You have to carefully finalize your surveillance system and then work hard on setting it up. You might have to spend some fortune in upgrading your already existing camera system. However, consider it as a one-time investment that definitely will be fruitful in the long run.


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