Entertainment technology has evolved exponentially in the last two decades, and there doesn’t seem to be a slowdown in sight. Things that used to be plug and play are now plug, setup, connect, sync, and play. It can be dizzying if you do not know what you are doing. Almost anything can be automated these days and controlled by a remote or even a smartphone. Home automation companies are making strides to keep up with the latest and greatest in technology. Hi Tech Best offers TV installation service and beyond to help you get connected faster.

Step One: The Mount

When purchasing a new TV, it is important to know how you want to set it up. Before flat screen TVs were in nearly every home, the thought of mounting a tube TV was daunting and usually only saved for places like schools and hospitals. The sheer weight of those TV sets was enough to make anyone nervous. Now, with the lighter and slimmer designs, TVs are easier to mount than and they don’t take up much room once they are mounted. This raises the question, what kind of mount? Two basic types of mounts can be installed right to your wall; fixed or articulated (full motion) mounts.

Get the Best From Our TV Installation Service

There are a lot of common questions that come up when installing and mounting a new TV. Many of these questions are about where the TV can be placed or at what height. The professionals can help you figure out what is best for the space you have. It is important not to mount a TV too high, for instance, because it might cause neck strain on the viewers. If the TV is too low in a vast viewing space, it may be hard to see from every available place. Another option you should take into account when considering how your TV should be set up is whether or not you want to install an in-wall power extension. This allows the power cords and many of the other cables involved in installation to be fed directly into the wall, instead of a bulky mass of wires hanging around. Of course, chances are you will have at least one device, if not more devices to hook up to your new TV. This is where home automation companies shine; they can not only help with the hookup of these devices, but they can also offer you ways to control all (or most) of your devices at once- usually with the help of a universal remote.

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Getting a new TV is exciting, but installation can be a hassle. Count on one of Miami’s top home automation companies to help give you the best TV installation service available. Call or visit Hi Tech Best today to learn more!