Do you feel your home a business desperately needs a security camera? Whether that is for protection, monitoring family members, or just in case, the experts at Hi Tech Best have just what you need. We are proud to sell H.265 and H.265+ Security Cameras. These are some of the best surveillance cameras on the market. But what is the difference between the two? Our security camera installation Miami is here to help. 


Introducing HIKVISION

Over the past 10 years, surveillance manufacturers developed various encoders from MJPEG to H.265. The main objective is to achieve higher resolution with lower bandwidth. While other companies are still struggling for an upgrade to H.265, Hikvision has once again proven their ability to excel in the surveillance industry by raising the bar with their new H.265+ encoder.


Hikvision presents H.265+ encoder, which is an unmatch technology in the surveillance industry. H.265+ is based on H.265 /HEVC encoders with the same resolution but requires much less bandwidth and storage capacity. It extends the application of the ultra HD video in video surveillance, such as 8MP and 12MP devices. It is going to play a significant role in cutting the storage cost and promoting the ultra-HD video popularity. 


H.264/H.265/H.265+ are types of video compression or “codec” which are used to make your video files smaller, so they use less storage and bandwidth. This is a really useful feature for CCTV systems because it means that high-resolution cameras can be used without putting so much stress on the network and much less money needs to be spent on hard drives.


When H.265+ was released, there was some concern that there would be an issue with video quality as it didn’t seem possible to compress a file so significantly without there being a loss in detail. Subsequently, we tested these claims in a video on our YouTube channel and found that you could hardly notice any difference in video quality, and we were overall extremely impressed!


We Sell The Best Surveillance Camera

We have IP and TVI systems that adapt to any need in quality and performance with cabling and strategically placed to optimize the space to be viewed, internet connectivity to be able to see in real time through your mobile phone. We adapt to your needs.


Our security cameras Include the following:

  • 8-channel DVR
  • 5 Dome Cameras 2.3 MPX
  • Three years warranty


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