What are smart lights, exactly? If you are looking for some new lighting fixtures, no doubt you have discovered these devices. These lights allow you to remote control your home’s lights through the use of Wi-Fi and an app on your cell phone. You can adjust the color temperature to a single light or every single one installed in your home. You can use these devices to schedule times that your lights should turn on and off, potentially saving you money on your electricity bill! And while you are away, you can navigate your lights to turn on at night to ward away any unwanted visitors who might be inspecting empty homes. Some smart home devices, such as Amazon Eco or Google Home, are compatible with these lights so that you can use voice commands to operate your lighting. There are a ton of cool features that come with having these lights in your home.

Hi Tech Best in Miami, Florida can tell you everything you need to know about smart lighting systems! Check out the basics here:

How Does It Work?


Smart home devices such as lighting systems work around a dominant “bridge”. This will be the device that connects your Wi-Fi network to the lights, which allows you to manually operate them from your smartphone. Each lightbulb in your smart system relays signals from the bridge to each other. Because of this, you can operate any of your lights from anywhere in your house, even if the central bridge is on the complete opposite side of the house. A boost is provided by each light so that a signal can be reached throughout your home, making a seamless range from one end of the house to the other. This becomes useful if you are in bed and forget to turn off the kitchen light. Or, you know, if you want to scare your roommate by messing with the lights!


Some systems even come with a remote control. This enables you to use the lights in the event that you phone needs to charge or is lost. In this case, the lights don’t need the bridge in order to operate.


Problems with Your Smart Lights?


Let’s say that your house is sitting in the middle of a storm and your Wi-Fi goes out. Won’t you be stuck in the dark since there is no connection? Actually, no. Smart lighting systems ensure that your lights are working constantly as long as the bridge is connected to your Wi-Fi router. Even if it’s not connected to the internet, you should still be able to use or control your lights on your smartphone. The only way a Wi-Fi signal loss can hinder your control of your lights is if you are out of your house. In this case, you might see limited capabilities with managing your lights.


Where Do I Get Smart Home Devices?


Smart lights can be purchased at your local home and hardware store or at electronic appliance store such as Hi Tech Best. Our experts can be able to walk you through the steps to using your smart lighting systems and ensure that it is working properly. Contact us today for more information!