Have you been thinking about having a security system installation done at your home? If so have you thought about where the best placement for your cameras is for the interior and exterior of your home? A lot of people have these cameras, but don’t necessarily know where they should be placed for optimal security and protection. That is why speaking with a company that provides the security camera installation Miami locals trust like Hi Tech Best near Miami is critical to making sure you are getting the most from your system.


Where Should Your Cameras Be Placed During A Security System Installation

Knowing where to place security cameras is the job of your security cameras installation company, but it doesn’t hurt to have a general knowledge or understanding of the guidelines so you can add your input when they are planning the install at your home or business. It is just as important to know where you shouldn’t place your cameras as well. It is time to know everything there is about security camera installation Miami! Keep reading to find out more about the rules, regulations, and suggestions surrounding security camera placement.


It is a fact that everyone’s security needs are different, which means that there is no one size fits all guide book to installing cameras, but knowing some basic pieces of information can help you plan out your security better.

  • Front Door: Most people assume burglars sneak into the side doors and would never use the front entrance. However, according to research and statistics, thirty-four percent of intruders use the front door. It is also the place where packages and deliveries are left which become a target for thefts. Having a camera at the main entrance to your home will provide a way for you to keep tabs on anybody that comes in and out of your home.
  • Side and Back Doors: The saying “Out of sight, out of mind” can become true when you’re dealing with a back and side door of your home. In order to make sure you know everyone who is entering and exiting your home, it is important to add cameras to these additional entrances. This is especially important if you use these doors more often than your front door.  
  • Yard: Keeping an eye on your yard with a camera is critical to making sure you know anyone who is looking at your house from the outside. It is also a great way to keep an eye on your kids when they are outside playing, animals, or even trespassers.
  • Main Stairway/Hallway Inside: When it comes to the inside of your home it’s important to have the main hall or stairway covered because even if someone breaks in through an unmonitored room or area, they will still be caught on that camera if they move about the house.
  • Common Areas Inside: Having cameras in the common areas of your home, like the living room or kitchen, is critical to prevent criminals. Since this is the places where they will most often be committing crimes you want to make sure you have a watchful eye on the rooms 24/7. It will also allow you to watch any repair workers you have in your home.

When it comes to places, you shouldn’t have cameras you need to make sure that other people’s privacy is at the top of your priority list. For instance, there are specific laws in place regarding cameras and the privacy of your neighbors. Because of this, it is important that you check your state’s laws before installing any cameras that could be pointed at your neighbor’s property. Other’s privacy isn’t only in regards to your neighbors either. Although there is an urge and sometimes a necessity to keep an eye on your kids or an elderly family member living with you some areas of the house should not include security cameras. The two places you should never place a security camera are the bathroom and bedroom.


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