Placing security cameras in your home is a very wise choice. It helps protect your home from intruders and also keeps your family safe. Here at Hi Tech Best, we want to make sure you know the proper security camera placement. Imagine having the best security camera installation, but it is entirely in the wrong location of your home, so it is pointless. Our professionals near Miami are here to help you avoid that situation. 


Where Are The Best Places For Cameras

It is a good measure to keep in mind that every home is unique and not built the same. This means that the placement can differ slightly. Here is a list of the most common locations we recommend:

  • Exterior: Front door – You might assume that intruders always sneak into side entrances, but statistics show that 34% of burglars use the front door. It’s also where package thieves are likely to strike. A camera at your main entrance keeps tabs on everybody that comes in and out of your home, from family members and babysitters to maintenance people, delivery people, and more.
  • Exterior: Back & side doors – Doors that are out-of-sight allow visitors to enter undetected, whether they’re invited or not. To ensure full knowledge of everyone who enters and exits, add cameras to your secondary doors, especially if one of them is used as often or more often than your front door, or if one (like a basement door) seems particularly enticing or accessible to a potential intruder. 
  • Exterior: Garage & driveway –A camera pointed at your garage and/or driveway keeps a watchful eye on bikes, tools, grills, sports equipment, cars and everyone that handles them. If your garage is detached, the camera helps you stay connected. If the garage is attached, the extra layer of security monitors another possible entryway into your home. If there’s a gate at the end of your driveway, you may want a camera there to spot anyone attempting to get in. 
  • Exterior: Yard –Monitoring the yard will help you keep tabs on anyone scoping out your house from the outside. It’s also handy for capturing the activities of kids, animals, and trespassers.
  • Interior: Common areas –Placing cameras in gathering points like the kitchen or living room is a great way to see if the kids are doing what they’re supposed to do, if the babysitter is attentive, what the pets are getting into, or to check on household help like cleaners and repairmen. Consider prioritizing any rooms that have large ground-floor windows — that way you can see if anyone tampers with them or uses one as a break-in point. 
  • Interior: Main stairway or hallway –Place a camera in the main thoroughfares inside your home, and it will be difficult for someone to move about undetected. If someone breaks in through a bathroom, bedroom or another unmonitored area, they’ll still be captured on camera if they move about the house.


Places For Security Camera Placement You Should Avoid

While there are many places you should install a camera, there are also places you should avoid. This is where the law becomes involved. For instance, it is illegal to violate your neighbor’s privacy. In general, homeowners are allowed to have outdoor security cameras that cover a broad area, and it’s usually okay to capture your neighbor’s public-facing property in the background of your footage. Legally, problems arise if your camera captures areas where your neighbors have an expectation of privacy or if you use the footage for non-security purposes. Keep in mind that these rules apply to video surveillance only. Audio recording without knowledge and consent is illegal in most circumstances. 


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