Are you worried about the security of your home or business? Maybe you currently reside in a place that is vulnerable to robberies, or maybe you just want to take an extra step just in case. If so, we have just what you need. Welcome to Hi Tech Best. We are proud to offer the industry-leading LTS security cameras and more. With these powerful cameras, your business or home will stay safe and protected. We got you covered, Miami. We are professionals when it comes to security camera installation.


What We Offer

We have IP and TVI systems that adapt to any need in quality and performance with cabling and strategically placed to optimize the space to be viewed, internet connectivity to be able to see in real time through your mobile phone. We adapt to your needs. Take a look at our website under the security tab to get videos of what we are talking about.  Trust our professionals who are trained in security camera installation.


Our cameras include:

  • 8-channel DVR
  • 5 Dine Camera 2.3 MPX
  • 3 years warranty


LTS Security Cameras Are The Best

Unfamiliar with LTS? If so, no worries. We will clear up the air for you! LTS delivers industry-leading security solutions and value-added services in video surveillance with a full line of CCTV, access control, burglar/fire alarms, cabling and more. Our nationwide locations provide immediate shipping, same-day pickup, and timely delivery.


With their achieved, industry-driven sales and technical support team, 10 out of 10 customers comment that LTS helps achieve what most other companies cannot. Support, they are with you 100% of the way, end to end on any security project needs. Speak with a local branch representative today and experience why LTS has pride in its customer service.


Their focus is quality. Everything from quality products, quality customer support, bringing you only what you expect. With our fully committed product management team and marketing, we ensure your voice is heard, and only provide what you demand.


Reasons To Install Cameras

There’s a ton of reasons why people or companies buy security cameras. Some of which are universal and some of which are because of specific rules or regulations that their industry faces. Here is a list of random reason why you need a security camera installed:

  • Your camera will help the police solve crimes
  • Cameras are becoming more affordable and accessible
  • They deter crime
  • They give individuals peace of mind because they are able to check up on their home or business from anywhere at any time
  • They also protect from fires
  • Cameras manage electricity
  • Can lower homeowners insurance premiums
  • Useful for medical assistance
  • You are able to monitor when individuals are coming or going
  • Lowers liability


Call Us Today

Your home or business deserves the security camera to ensure its protection. At Hi Tech Best in Miami, we are here to give you the best advice and provide you with the perfect system. Thanks to our partnership with LTS, we have just that!  We are experts in security camera installation. We offer the best LTS security cameras. Contact us today and let us help you get started with the perfect security for your home.