Home automation systems are always growing sleeker, more intuitive, and more affordable. What used to be technology out of a James Bond movie is now easily installed in a home. An added bonus of smart devices that offer added convenience and comfort to your home can also assist with security needs. Many modern smart security systems combine devices such as cameras and door locks, but lighting can be a great addition to the connected-home-solutions bag. Light automation is not only cool, but can add an element of practicality in increasing security when put in synthesis with home automation solutions. For example, you can have your lights turn off every time someone arms the alarm, or have the lights turn on during an alarm in order to provide a safe exit. Your exterior lights can even be made to flash when the alarm is set off in order to alert emergency personnel. Hi Tech Best provides electronics and security camera installation Miami residents love. Call us today for your home security installation needs!


Why Smart Lighting?


There are many security and other benefits to automated lighting. Smart lighting provides customers with an affordable way to add both security integrations and smart home features to their home. Adding lighting controls is a marginal cost compared to more complex, hardwired automation systems, making it a shoo-in for the type of home technology that is becoming a standard for builders everywhere. With automated lighting, the house can be marketed with both smart home capabilities and added security benefits. This is due to the fact that smart lighting products like WiFi dimmers, switches, and plug-in modules cost as little as $40 but provide a certain level of security as interior and exterior lights can be timed to go on/off at certain times of the day and night. Although these wireless smart lighting controls are not as versatile and do not offer as many options as traditional hardwired security systems do, they are still a great option in improving home security.


Benefits of Light Automation


Another benefit of smart lighting is the ability to remotely access their home lighting anytime, from any location, through an app on their smartphone through the internet. Homeowners can thus schedule lighting “scenes,” or preset commands for group(s) of lights while they are not at home in order to achieve an “at home” look. This helps increase security as it can make potential burglars assume that the homeowners are in the house. Moreover, smart lighting is in such demand these days because they just look cooler. Hi Tech Best provides electronic and security camera installation Miami residents love, and note that smart lighting controls not only provide an element of security, but also an awesome new look that can even increase resale value of the house.


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As automated home technology continues to evolve, lighting automation grows ever more popular. Not only does it look cool, but connecting lighting with security measures can help make your home safer. Hi Tech Best provides electronic and security camera installation Miami residents trust. Call us today for your installation needs!