When it comes to camera technology, are you up to date? At Hi Tech Best, we are here to make sure that you have the perfect IP camera system to keep your property protected. Our security cameras installation company is here to make sure you have all the necessary information to keep you up to date with the latest technology. We are conveniently located near Miami.


We Are In The Future

2020 is only two years away. Technology keeps on growing and evolving. Everything is trying to get better and make life much easier. The same thing applies to home security systems. The companies know that there is no such thing as being “too safe”. Intruders and hackers will try to invent new ways to break through even the tightest of security. This dance will keep going on until the human race is long gone. For now, we will look into 2020 and see what it has in store. Here are three predictions we came up with:

  • Everything will be connected
    • The home security system could be linked to things like all of the computers in the house, the TV, tablets, smart speakers, phones, and small devices like iPhones. Once connected, these devices can help connect the home security system and make the right adjusts and keep track while away from home. Plus, everything could be connected to a miniature robot that runs around the house and watches everything.
  • Machine learning will monitor your home
    • If something breaks in the house, the homeowner would not have to get up and try and fix it or call someone to do it. All their worries would float away. The house will fix itself almost automatically.
  • 360-degree cameras
    • The main problem with security cameras is that they can only record in one location at a time. What if there was one camera that could record every single room in the house? Drones can already film one than one location at a time, but it draws too much attention to themselves. This would be a small camera that could easily be hidden in plain sight and film away. The homeowner could be placed in one spot and turn it on. There would be no more need to have over twenty cameras around the house.


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The future is now! We have IP and TVI systems that adapt to any need in quality and performance with cabling and strategically placed to optimize the space to be viewed, internet connectivity to be able to see in real time through your mobile phone. We adapt to your needs.


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