You finally bought the camera your home was craving. They are perfect. Now it is time for the hard part. Where do you put them? If you are unfamiliar with home security cameras, you may not understand what location is going to be beneficial to your property. Luckily here at Hi Tech Best, we are experts. We take pride in offering the best security camera installation Miami.


Where Do They Go?

Choosing the right places to install your cameras is as important as finding the right cameras for your home. To do so,  it is best to walk through your home with your security goals in mind. Consider places like first story windows, garage doors, or even basements as points of entry that would be most appealing to intruders. Another good tip for camera placement is to install real cameras out of reach and sight. Then, place authentic-looking dummy cameras around your property. That way, if an intruder does break one of your cameras, it will be an inexpensive dummy and you will have a video of the act. Trust our security camera installation Miami.


Best Locations for Home Security Cameras

  • Front door
    • To prevent an intruder from tampering with your camera, place it at the second-floor level, or even in the eves of your house, and focus it on the front door. If your home has just one level, consider enclosing your front door camera in mesh wiring to protect it from errant rocks, sticks or other weapons.


  • Backdoor
    • It’s important to arm each entry door with a camera. Make the effort to place your camera out of the reach of human hands, or to protect it from anything an intruder might throw at it.


  • Off-street windows
    • By choosing a window that is not in direct view of the street, they decrease their chance of being caught. Placing cameras at rear windows will allow you to catch any intruders who may be out of view of the street.


  • Backyard and side gate
    • Be sure to arm your yard with motion-sensor floodlights and a night vision surveillance camera. If your backyard is fenced in, make sure your camera has a view of the entrance gate.


  • Basement Stairs
    • Place a camera on the stairs leading up from the basement to your home to record any intruders who may break into your home through a basement window or other entryway.


How Many Cameras Do You Need?

The number of security cameras you need to protect your home generally depends on your home’s size and layout. You will need to consider things like how many areas you want to monitor, camera viewing angles and indoor vs. outdoor cameras to determine how many cameras you will need.


You will also find that surveillance systems offer either single or multiple channels. Each channel represents a single camera, so the number of channels you need in a system directly corresponds to the number of cameras you plan on using. If you only plan on monitoring a single area,  one camera and a single channel should be sufficient. However, if you would like to monitor several areas at the same time, you’ll need a multi-channel system.


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