Do you have the proper surveillance technologies to protect your home or business from burglaries? With assistance from cameras, your property is protected and less vulnerable than many others out there. However, do you know the difference between IP and TVI camera systems? At Hi Tech Best, we are here to explain what exactly each is and make sure you have everything you need when it comes to an HD TVI camera. You can rely on our professional security camera installation and we are near Miami.


It’s All About Remote Monitoring

Thanks to remote monitoring, cameras are better than ever before! Some industry-wide standards and preferences are aiming for market dominance. Because of this, there are many cameras that are up for grabs, however, the best of the bunch are IP cameras and HD-TVI cameras.


So what is the difference between the two and why is everyone making the switch? The industry as a whole is making the switch to IP Cameras for several reasons, they are the latest and the most advanced when it comes to remote monitoring whereas HD-TVI Cameras, on the other hand, require quite a lot of time and hard work before they are up and running.


IP Camera Versus an HD TVI Camera

  • Local setup
    • When it comes to setting up these cameras and get them working, the contrast between both IP Cameras and HD-TVI Cameras shows up.
    • IP Cameras require to fully function is that your NVR and camera be on the same network, letting them communicate with each other.
    • HD-TVI cameras require extensive electrical work along with the necessity of connecting your cameras to the DVR directly.


  • Power requirements
    • To supply power to HD-TVI cameras, you will have to use separate electrical wires whereas IP cameras do not need any additional wiring, a single cable connecting the IP Camera to the Network Video Recorder is able to supply the power as well as transmit the footage from the camera.
    • For an IP Camera, this same cable is also able to carry audio channels in both directions if required.


  • Backward compatibility
    • Both HD-TVI Cameras and standard analog cameras use a DVR for recording purposes with the significant difference showing in terms of footage quality, this makes it possible to use analog cameras with a DVR built for HD-TVI Cameras.
    • Analog CCTV Camera DVRs are also capable of recording through HD-TVI Cameras, limiting the quality to the DVR’s capabilities. This lets businesses upgrade to HD-TVI wherever necessary, gradually, instead of having to replace everything at the same time, saving resources to be spent on more important tasks.


  • Image Quality
    • IP Cameras are able to provide you with the highest quality in terms of surveillance while also giving you the ability to compress the captured footage so it can be stored or transferred over a network connection with ease.
    • HD-TVI Cameras still offer you a much better quality compared to Analog, making them an affordable upgrade for businesses that are still running analog cameras.


  • Remote access
    • Both IP Cameras and HD-TVI Cameras are capable of working remotely in a similar fashion. The only difference between these in terms of remote access is that IP Cameras can be directly connected to the internet for remote access.
    • Another method of transmitting footage to a remote location is by first connecting an IP Camera to the NVR, which then connects to the remote location through the internet.
    • HD-TVI Cameras, on the other hand, can’t be directly connected to the internet and need to first communicate with the DVR and then the DVR itself connects to the internet.


  • Analytic software and other benefits
    • Most analytic software such as speed cameras that capture license plates, facial recognition software or cameras that gather traffic data rely on IP Cameras.
    • Another benefit of using IP Cameras involves the fact these cameras can be accessed from anywhere across the world, provided that you have the permission and credentials to do so. This also lets you access the pan, tilt and zoom controls, which most IP Cameras have.
    • This also leads to a possible disadvantage, where if you are using the internet, your video feed has the possibility of being tapped into, reducing privacy and security. However, switching to a private network or an encrypted VPN solves this as well.


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