Are you in the market for a new set of quality speakers? The new Episode speakers may be precisely what you need! Hi Tech Best near Miami is one of the top home automation companies in the area, and they have the information you need to decide whether or not these speakers are for you. An audio system is a big investment, so you need to make sure that you do your homework before making any purchase. Keep reading to hear more about the new Episode system options.


How Episode Speakers Can Transform Your Audio Experience

Good sound quality is not something that only a niche group of people are seekings. According to recent research of nearly two thousand consumers across the globe revealed a lot of information about what people are seeking in the audio experience. For example, eighty-two percent of people surveyed said that excellent sound quality is one of the most critical features in any of their audio systems. Seventy-nine percents of the people said that the quality of their sound system is more important than the way it looks, which was a big surprise since a lot of home automation companies install systems in a common room like a living room. Over time it has become clear that buyers view their sound systems and the equipment that makes it up as something that is worth investing in. However, as technology advances there are expecting their sound quality to improve as well, which means they have less patience for poor sound, difficult setup, or multiple remotes. If someone is investing a significant amount of money into their home audio experience, they demand the best of the best. For many people, music is a way to make a personal statement, manage emotions, or deal with the daily stressors in our lives. This makes the quest for quality sound a deeply personal one. In the past, it has been more about showing off the look of their speakers, but today it’s more about putting their sound quality on display. That is why the combination of both in the new Episode audio system is a great way to make all consumers happy!


As a company, Episode believes that the consumer like you should be what companies are concerned about rather than what the “brand” should be. Because of this philosophy Episode has developed products that have the features and benefits you are seeking in your audio system. Their speakers are created and designed to provide top quality audio. It is their belief that great sound isn’t crafted; it has to be built. Episode believes that in order to achieve premium sound you need to use science that is why they concentrate more on the tweeter and woofer materials in a speaker instead of the complicated designs. Not only are their speakers a great way to have quality sound throughout your home the installation process is painless. Episode takes the time to learn how you will use the speakers every single day in order to install them in the correct place in your home. The speakers also feature spring-loaded tension dogs, install covers, and built-in speaker handles in make sure the process of installing them is easy and effortless.


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