When it comes to your home security system, you want to make sure that you have the best surveillance system to protect you and your home from any harm or danger. That is why it’s essential that you take your time to look at the different products on the market before having a security camera installation done at your house. Hi Tech Best near Miami can help you understand what security system is right for you and your needs. Keep reading to find out why they believe the H.265 and H.265+ are the best systems for you!


What Is The Best Surveillance System on the Market?

One of the most frustrating parts about having a home security system is that your videos can end up freezing, so you don’t see the best quality video. If something were to happen at your home, having frames that are frozen or fuzzy could make it impossible to see who caused the damage to your house! That is why before you have a security camera installation done, you need to do your homework to make sure that you are picking the best system available! 


One of the biggest concerns homeowners have with buying high-quality videos is that they are going to eat up too much bandwidth and affect the performance of the other online devices they have in their home. However, the truth is with the H.265 IP cameras you can get high-quality videos without this happening. Not only will your bandwidth not be impacted, but these cameras allow you to store video footage in smaller files, so they are more accessible and transferable. 


H.265 cameras are also known as High-Efficiency Video Coding, which refers to the advanced video compression ability within the camera that encodes video files faster than any camera was able to do previously.  These cameras utilize a common format for video recording and compression that not only results in high-quality videos, but that also uses a significantly lower amount of bandwidth than cameras did previously. The H.265 cameras can double the data compression ratio of other cameras while they still provide the same high-quality videos as their competitors. What this means is that you’re able to reduce your bandwidth use and storage consumption by roughly fifty percent without losing or sacrificing any image quality.


The H.265 IP cameras are able to be set up into different recording modes depending on your wants and needs. Once the camera captures the raw footage from your home, it is then processed, encoded, and compressed. The cameras can also expand the pattern comparison size up to 64×64 pixels. 


Another reason to consider these cameras for your home is that you can expect a smoother live view and a better remote viewing experience from your smart devices thanks to the camera taking up less bandwidth. Also, you can expect the same great image quality remotely that you get when you’re at your home. Finally, because of the reduced storage space required for the camera’s videos, these devices allow you to record for longer periods of time without having to delete or get rid of any videos. 


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