When it comes to implementing a new sound system to your backyard, many questions can arise. This is especially common if you never owned a sound system before. At Hi Tech Best, we feature the best sounding outdoor speakers and all the knowledge that comes with that. If you have a question, we have the answer. Located near Miami, we are proud to offer the best outdoor sound system.


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Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions that our experts are here to answer:

  • Why won’t standard speakers survive outdoors?
    • Taking your indoor audio to outdoor conditions is risky and often does not produce good quality sound under such circumstances. This is because speakers that are built for the indoors do not suffer from issues such as lack of corners for bass reproduction, spatial issues which affect sound reproduction, and sound staging which is more difficult to achieve in an open environment. Outdoor speakers have to withstand the elements over a long period – such as rain, wind, snow, sunlight, and moisture. It is not surprising that when it comes to outdoor speakers, you want to look for speakers that are constructed for this purpose.
  • Why does bass reproduction suffer outdoors?
    • The most challenging part about outdoor speakers is the bass reproduction, which requires surfaces to bounce off to amplify the bass effect. This does not happen in an open environment, so outdoor speakers usually sound flat without the punchy effect. It is important to select outdoor speakers with a frequency range that can go as low as 20 – 200 Hz, although an additional subwoofer can accomplish this.
  • Do you need a subwoofer for the outdoors?
    • Subwoofers are specifically designed to reproduce the low frequencies found in music. The difficulty with some outdoor stereo speakers is that they are not designed to produce audio of such low frequencies, which makes popular rock music sound rather flat. It really depends on whether the outdoor speaker you plan to buy has the capability of producing low-frequency sound, but we suggest that you should get outdoor speaker sets that come with subwoofers equipped to complete your total outdoor sound experience.
  • What is outdoor audio positioning?
    • Unlike the indoors, outdoor speaker positioning can be a challenging exercise because there are far fewer corners for bass reproduction, ample space which means more work for the speakers to flood them with music, as well as the innate challenges of wiring your speakers to an amplifier. Audio positioning also helps to create good bass reproduction, so you’d want to place speakers in positions where the details of the music can be heard from different positions. Having a sense of where you want your sound to come from is also key.
  • Does wiring make a difference in sound quality?
    • Yes, the type of wiring that you use can affect sound quality. There are many kinds of wiring that you can use, but the main types are copper, oxygen-free copper, silver, stranded, flat and burial wire types.
  • Should I buy amplifiers for outdoor speakers?
    • Whether you should get sound amplifiers for your outdoor speakers depends on whether you are using a passive or active outdoor speaker. The general rule is that an audio amplifier is only required for an active outdoor speaker.


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